Ma Tianyu is李遥
Qi Wei is安怡 / 姜离
安怡 / 姜离
Ludi Lin is文浩康
Anke Sun is曲思家
王聪 is叶坤


Humans  is a Chinese Drama Starring  Ray Ma,Stephy Qi

Other name : Wan Mei Xin Ji Ren , Ni Hao An Yi , 芯侍 , 真实的人类中国版 , 你好安怡 , Zhen Shi De Ren Lei , Xin Shi , Perfect Robot , 完美芯机人 , Ni Hao, An Yi

Aired On:Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Description :

The story is set in the year 2035 when a self-aware female robot enters a human family. Throughout her journey, she fights many enemies to protect her family and friends. She becomes in tune with her humanity as she grows, matures and learns about love. In Shehong City, a man who feels that there are too many household chores buys a robot with the model “synth 2035” to help take care of his children. He names the robot An Yi. His wife is strongly against the idea and it becomes a source of their quarrels. After a while, they notice that the robot is behaving strangely. She seems like a human rather than a robot. A young man, Li Yao, is in the city searching for the whereabouts of An Yi while at the same time avoiding the pursuit of Professor Huo. It turns out that Li Yao’s father invented four “synths” with human emotions to be companions for Li Yao.

Original title 你好,安怡
First air date Feb. 19, 2021
Last air date Mar. 14, 2021
Seasons 1
Episodes 15
Average Duration 45 minutes

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