Jizoku Kanona Koi Desuka: Chichi to Musume no Kekkon Koushinkyoku (2022)

Jizoku Kanona Koi Desuka: Chichi to Musume no Kekkon Koushinkyoku (2022)

Apr. 19, 2022
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Country : Japanese Drama

Other name : Is It Sustainable Love?: Father and Daughter’s Wedding March , Jizoku Kanona Koidesu ka?: Chichitoko no Kekkon Koshinkyoku

Aired On : Tuesday

Description :

Sawada Kyoka works as a yoga instructor. Her mother died two years ago and she moved in with her father Sawada Rintaro afterwards. Sawada Rintaro works as a Japanese language scholar. His only interest now is in the study of the Japanese language. After his wife died, his life seems to have no energy. Sawada Kyoka gets into arguments with her father Sawada Rintaro constantly and she is also burdened with taking care of him. Sawada Kyoka wants to have a life where she can focus on herself. Due to everything around her, Sawada Kyoka doesn’t care about getting married. But, one day, Sawada Rintaro finds a divorce document among his late wife’s belongings. This pushes Sawada Rintaro into wanting to remarry. He also pushes his daughter Sawada Kyoka to find a marriage partner. The father and daughter begin to look for a person to marry. At this time, Sawada Kyoka meets Higashimura Seita, who is single father with a 7-year-old son.
Original title 持続可能な恋ですか?~父と娘の結婚行進曲~
First air date Apr. 19, 2022
Last air date Jun. 21, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 10
Average Duration 57 minutes

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